Businesses routinely devise strategic plans to help them realize their goals and achieve success. Information Technology (IT) goals also play an important role in this planning process. What role does IT currently play in your organization? How can you align your IT goals with your overall strategic goals and use your information technology to enhance your business processes, making them more efficient and effective? Your IT goals should help you fulfill your mission and improve your organizational effectiveness. Successful IT business planning helps you stay ahead of the competition.

The old adage, "it's easier to keep up than catch up," certainly holds true with regard to IT infrastructure, communications, and data management systems. A Managed Service Provider (MSP), like the long-standing family doctor, can diagnose potential issues before they bring your systems down. Having a relationship with your business and your processes, an MSP can help you upgrade your infrastructure as your needs grow. Waiting until the hardware or software is 'broken' can mean costly down times and surface other problems that should have been addressed sooner, making the 'fix' more expensive and complicated.

Experts estimate the annual cost of unanticipated application downtime to Fortune 1000 companies runs between $1.25 billion to $2.25 billion. You may not be one of these top tier organizations, but the effect of unplanned infrastructure or critical application failure is significant. JMA Services will monitor and maintain your vital IT environment, recommending and implementing upgrades as needed to keep your employees connected and productive, avoiding costly downtime or degraded system performance.

As a Microsoft partner, JMA offers you the benefits of Microsoft 365 productivity tools. Working out of the office? Use OneDrive for Business to store your files safely in the cloud, and edit and share documents from anywhere. Read email and maintain your calendars with Outlook at any time. Working with a team? Communicate, collaborate and create effectively using features like group chat, online meetings, and web conferencing, all available through Microsoft 365 Teams. Worried about security? Teams keeps you connected in an end-to-end secure environment while giving you seamless access to the other powerful Microsoft Office applications.

Information security focuses on maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of your data. Threats to your data security come from several sources including natural disasters, theft, and hardware malfunctions. Not only your IT network, but also mobile computing and communication devices carry risk. IT security specialists help you assess these threats to your data, adopt proper controls, and maintain them in a dynamic risk environment.

At any time of day a hacker using "malware," malicious software such as Trojan horses, viruses, or worms, may be working to gain access to your company's sensitive data. Advance Threat Protection is designed to anticipate and detect malware of various kinds and destroy it before it attacks you. In the form of a software application or an MSP, Advance Threat Protection accesses the threats to your data, mitigating those threats swiftly and effectively.

Risks to your environment come in several forms - software attacks, such as viruses, worms, ransomware, and Trojan horses; equipment or information theft; and outright sabotage - all threaten your valuable business environment. Because these threats evolve daily, you need the help of IT security professionals to assess your vulnerabilities, to set up mitigation techniques, and to continually monitor the effectiveness of your security measures.
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