New Year, New Tech Goals: Elevating your Chicago Business with Managed IT Services

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You’re making the usual New Year’s resolutions – eat healthier, exercise more often, phone the relatives. So, why not set tech goals for your Chicago business for 2024?! “But,” you say, “setting those personal resolutions is so much easier. I just dust off last year’s list. Tech goals? I don’t know where to begin!”

Identifying those tech targets can actually be easier than you think! Elevate your business in the new year by engaging a Chicago managed service provider who will not only help you set those goals but also can provide the roadmap for reaching them. Here’s how Chicago managed IT services can elevate your business.

Evaluate Your Current IT Infrastructure and Business Processes

Information Technology is continually evolving. More efficient hardware and new software applications arise that can better support your business processes. Chicago managed IT service providers employ professionals who hold current licenses in all things IT and stay in step with the latest developments.

Cyberthreats also improve, demanding the use of newer tools to keep your system secure. The managed IT service providers know the latest weapons in the fight for network and data security.

Chicago managed IT services can evaluate the effectiveness of your current IT infrastructure as well as identify vulnerabilities in your system. These professionals can monitor your network performance and identify hardware and software products to upgrade and secure your network and data.

Develop a Roadmap for Growth

After evaluating your current IT infrastructure, the consultants at a Chicago managed IT service provider can anticipate the hardware and software upgrades required to support your business’ growth. Too often businesses fail to plan for the unforeseen, disasters that can bring down your network and destroy precious data.

The professionals at a Chicago managed IT service provider can help you create an effective Disaster Recovery Plan and work with you to include IT in your strategic planning, developing a roadmap that fits with your budget and goals.

Create and Implement A Project Plan

Your team may lack both the experience and the time to execute the roadmap. Managing an IT infrastructure upgrade is not a DIY project; it requires the expertise of IT professionals who have the proper knowledge and experience to effectively handle new hardware and software installations, upgrade network and communications systems, and expand an existing IT infrastructure. These consultants can also develop and implement effective backup and recovery procedures to support your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Does your current network rely on on-site support? You may need to migrate your system to the Cloud. Managed IT service professionals can predict when you should move to the Cloud as well as manage the migration for you.

Poor planning can miss important details or fail to execute changes in the right sequence. These missteps can result in expensive maintenance in the future. By overseeing both the project plan and its execution a Chicago managed IT services team can help you avoid costly rework.

Monitor the New IT Infrastructure

Information technology is a dynamic field, demanding ongoing monitoring. The professionals at a Chicago managed IT service can keep their fingers on the pulse of your system, tracking connectivity issues, watching network traffic flow, evaluating speed issues at individual workstations, and keeping step with cyber threats to your network.

The managed IT services team will also ensure regular system backups occur. And, in the event of a system failure or cyber attack, they can quickly restore your infrastructure using these reserves.

You may not reach those weight loss goals in 2024 or connect more often with the relatives, but you can easily meet the goal of enlisting the help of a Chicago managed IT service provider. With the professional help of licensed and experienced consultant, you can develop tech goals for your growing business and elevate your performance in the new year!

Contact JMA Consulting LLP, a Chicago managed IT service provider, whose proximity to your Chicago-based business ensures their team can meet with you to discuss your IT goals for the new year and partner with you to meet the IT challenges in 2024.

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