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In a word, IT network infrastructure defines all the networks, software, hardware, and associated equipment you use to manage and support your information technology systems:

IT Networks

No man is an island, and today's modern businesses certainly reflect that truth. Communication channels link systems and workstations carrying the company's lifeblood, its information, to all parts of the business. You rely on those time-sensitive communications reaching their destinations. JMA knows how to set up the network that best meets your needs. As your business grows and changes, so do its communications needs. JMA can tune and expand your network to effectively respond to those important changes.

Software applications

In today's modern world, software applications abound to manage all aspects of your business. These applications are dynamic, growing and improving rapidly. How do you ensure your applications are current and can talk to one another? Do you understand those critical software tools managing your data and its backup and restore procedures? Are you applying software updates regularly to avoid obsolescence issues? JMA has the expertise to manage your software applications for you and can be the single point of contact with your software application vendors.

IT Infrastructure & Hardware

Hardware offerings are continually evolving to meet the growing demands of today's business environment. Sophisticated software applications allow you to process huge amounts of data from multiple databases, demanding stronger, faster, more durable processing and storage hardware. Limping along on outdated equipment - inadequate servers, dated workstations, old backup devices - invites hardware failure and dreaded 'downtime'. Could a delay in replacing equipment prompt large, unavoidable expenses in the future? JMA tracks your hardware needs, helps you invest wisely to prevent future disasters, and works with your vendors to provide economical solutions.


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