Spring Cleaning Your IT Infrastructure: The Benefits of Managed IT Services in Chicago

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Ah, daffodils are blooming, birds are returning, and sunlight is lingering into early evening. Spring has arrived in Chicago! And with the new season comes the desire to tackle spring cleaning. Have you scheduled time to spring clean your IT infrastructure? Partnering with a managed IT service in the Chicago area enables you to focus on your business while the managed IT service brings increased efficiency and effectiveness to your IT infrastructure.

What elements of your IT system need attention?


You should review your software licenses regularly, renewing the ones you need and upgrading the applications on which you rely. If you contract with a managed IT service, you can count on their professionals to not only keep your licenses current, but to also manage the relationships with the vendors providing the software.

Spring cleaning your cybersecurity software is particularly critical. New threats arise every day; you must keep the applications that protect your IT infrastructure updated to mitigate the new risks.

Has your organization experienced significant growth this year? Can your current applications scale with your business or should you look for more efficient and effective software tools? You likely don’t have the time to research a myriad of software products. The consultants at a managed IT service in the Chicago area have the expertise and exposure to these applications and can recommend software beneficial to your business.

During spring cleaning, a managed IT service can assess if you should move from hosting your own servers to cloud storage and computing. Their professionals can outline the advantages of going to the cloud as well as manage the move for you.

Realizing a large turnover in employees or adopting new software tools can prompt an increase in Helpdesk traffic. Spring cleaning your IT infrastructure may include working with a managed IT service to handle your Helpdesk tickets. As they work with your team to address their issues, they can also educate your employees in the use of your critical software applications.


Spring cleaning usually includes a fair amount of clearing clutter. Are your desktops and laptops showing wear? Are they too outdated to support the current versions of your software applications? Maybe it’s time to replace them. A managed IT service professional can recommend replacements that fit your budget as well as support your team.

Perhaps you have more of your employees working remotely. Do they have the equipment they need? Does your VPN network adequately provide protection for these devices? A managed IT service can help you navigate the risks as well as the advantages of employing a remote workforce and outfit your team with the tools they need.

Are you hosting your own servers? This equipment degrades, too. As part of spring cleaning your IT infrastructure, a managed IT service can track the age of your server equipment, recommend replacements, and work with vendors to provide the hardware at reasonable rates.

Failing to spring clean at home can prove costly. Furnaces need filters changed to operate efficiently. Leaky pipes, when unaddressed, can damage walls and floors. Spring cleaning removes built-up dirt and makes needed repairs. Professionals from a managed IT service have the expertise to recognize hazards and mitigate them before they become expensive problems.

Consultants from managed IT services in the Chicago area can also visit your site and help you develop an IT strategy that harmonizes with your overall business plan. And, these professionals can offer an IT roadmap that fits within your budget.

Team with a managed IT services provider in the Chicago area like JMA Consulting. The IT professionals at JMA can give your IT infrastructure a thorough spring cleaning and ensure your network provides the support your organization needs throughout the year!

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