How to Safeguard Your Non-Profit from a Cyber Attack

cyber security lock

Non-profits come a little late to the party of cybersecurity, and hackers are taking advantage of the vulnerability. In 2020 hackers stole $7.5 million from the endowment fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and stashed the money in international accounts before being detected. The same year cyber criminals stole sensitive data on high-net-worth donors from Vero Beach Museum of Art, Inc. 

Similar scenarios have popped up throughout the non-profit world. Donor databases containing private identity information (PII) make charities prime targets for data breaches.  How can you safeguard your non-profit organizations from cyber-attacks?

Vulnerability Assessments

You check and lock your doors at night. You install outdoor lights to discourage thieves.  But when did you run a vulnerability assessment on your IT infrastructure? The professionals at JMA Consulting can perform these checks for you and recommend ways to tighten your security.

Security Applications

Hackers are working continually to outwit your security software. An effective application protects your system from these threats. However, you need to upgrade this software regularly to take advantage of their answers to these evolving threats.

Backup Procedures

You can back up your sensitive data in many ways, some more secure than others. The evolution of the Cloud provides an opportunity to back up data without relying on a physical server. Some of these Cloud providers employ data encryption and server virtualization technology to further enhance security. Consider contracting with an MSP whose professionals can design effective backup procedures and manage the execution of those processes for you.

Cybersecurity Policies

These policies clarify in writing the measures an organization will take to secure its data and IT assets.  Cybersecurity policies should outline disaster recovery plans and provide guidelines for employees and consultants in the use of network resources. Non-profits need to alert individuals who access their networks remotely about any security risks. In addition, organizations should educate employees to recognize phishing attempts and to refrain from opening any suspicious communications.

As a non-profit association, you have a dilemma. Your expertise and passion relate to alleviating human suffering in various forms, not to confronting IT vulnerabilities. Yet your existence depends on donor income and philanthropic grants. You store highly sensitive data on your donors as well as collect and distribute funds, tempting targets for cyber criminals. 

Consider partnering with JMA Consulting whose IT professionals can assess your system’s vulnerabilities, design effective backup procedures, and cybersecurity policies, and as a trusted MSP, manage your system’s security.