Preparing for the Summer Rush: IT Strategies for Chicago Businesses

JMA Consulting

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer may actually prompt a busy season for many Chicago businesses who find their IT resources greatly stretched. In addition, employees are moving on and offline for their summer vacations. These organizations benefit from IT strategies a Chicago managed IT services group can employ to prepare for the summer rush.

Active Monitoring

IT downtime, whether related to a software or hardware failure, can severely affect business continuity. This issue compounds in a busy season. With in-house IT staff rotating through their vacation schedules, a business who contracts with managed IT services has the security that IT professionals are keeping their fingers on the pulse of its IT infrastructure. And, the managed IT service technicians can respond quickly to any interruption in service.

The IT professionals at a Chicago managed IT services organization have the tools to do both proactive and reactive monitoring. What’s the difference? Reactive monitoring waits for certain situations to occur before taking action to remedy the problem, situations such as a server failure or software certificate expiration. Proactive monitoring continuously captures information about the infrastructure and anticipates issues that could affect network performance. IT services professionals have the tools to capture this data and to take measures to avert potential problems.

Cybersecurity Review

Everyone is excited about the advances in AI, including cybercriminals who are adopting this new technology to their advantage. New threats in cybercrime have emerged. AI-generated emails mimic closely an organization’s inner communications. These fraudulent messages take phishing threats to a new level. Hackers using AI can interject false business communications, even imitating the voices of executives to spread erroneous company information.

Chicago managed IT services professionals stay abreast of the newest cybercrime threats. They also know what tools a business needs to detect and thwart these attacks. Should an attack successfully infect a business’ IT infrastructure, the managed IT services technicians can respond quickly to avert damage and to restore affected applications and data.

Infrastructure Evaluation

Summer is a good season to complete an IT infrastructure evaluation. The consultants at a managed IT services organization can review a business’ operations and evaluate how well the IT systems support those processes. A thorough evaluation includes a review of all aspects of the infrastructure, including:

· Hardware – servers, workstations, printers, scanners, external storage, laptops, mobile phones, video-conferencing equipment, and

· Software – business applications, security systems, backup, and restoration processes.

These evaluations surface dated tools that need to be upgraded or replaced. They can identify vulnerabilities in the network as well as logjams that inhibit performance. Through an infrastructure evaluation, consultants can pinpoint changes needed to ensure the IT infrastructure is ready to support future growing business. Businesses using IT managed services based in the Chicago area can consult with these professionals in person and utilize their expertise when budgeting for these IT upgrades.

A managed service provider in the Chicago area can offer peace of mind as they walk through the busy summer season with you. Their licensed professionals can proactively monitor your network, anticipating any potential problems and offering prompt and reliable service when issues do occur. Current in the latest cybersecurity threats, a services’ IT technicians know how to protect your network and data from the newest cyber-attacks, The IT consultants can perform a thorough infrastructure evaluation and help you budget for enhancements.

Consider contracting with a Chicago managed service provider for all your IT management needs or to augment your own team. The professionals at JMA can offer peace of mind by implementing sound IT strategies during the busy summer rush.

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