Email connects businesses to their customers, strategic partners, vendors, and employees.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers help you:

Evaluate your email communication needs

Do you rely on email for your internal communications or do you use a collaboration tool? Do you have employees who work remotely or who work in several locations? Do your email communications with your clients contain sensitive company information? Do you send sensitive or lengthy documents via email? JMA's consultants can help you evaluate your email communications needs.

Choose the right email provider for you

Based on your company's needs, JMA can connect you with the provider who best supports your business. And, as a Microsoft partner, JMA can show you the power of the Microsoft O365 application to handle all your communication and collaboration needs.

Migrate your sensitive emails easily and securely to the new service

You've evaluated your needs and decided to change email services. But what happens to all those sensitive emails you archived in your old service? You need to move them to the new provider without losing or exposing sensitive information. JMA's experienced engineers offer peace of mind for you and your employees as they safely and easily transition you from your old service to the new provider with our leading and secure email migration and security solutions.


Contact JMA to responsibly dispose of your legacy hardware.

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