Data is the lifeblood of a business. Keeping data accurate and current requires constant attention. JMA architects the best backup practices for your data, manage and monitor the backup schedule, and execute timely recoveries if needed.

Our experienced engineers know how to keep your sensitive and critical information secure by backing up your data efficiently and effectively.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers:

Architect the best backup practices for your data

How safe is your data? Do you back up your information regularly? Is the data on your backups encrypted? Do you store your backups on site or in a remote location? Do you retain the information for a proper amount of time to ensure effective and accurate recovery? JMA knows how to create the best backup schedule for your data, how to retain those backups, and how to employ the best industry practices to ensure the safety of this valuable asset.

Manage and monitor the data backup schedule

The threats to your data are often unforeseen. Natural disasters, hardware failures, data corruption - you don't see them coming, but JMA can ensure you react quickly and effectively when they do occur. Are you backing up your data frequently? Do you know those backups are running and completing on schedule? JMA not only helps you set up an effective schedule, their expert engineers monitor the performance of these backups and run tests to ensure they provide the recovery protection you need.

Execute timely data recoveries, if needed

When your data is suddenly corrupted or destroyed, you likely have more to worry about than just data recovery. Issues related to the problem need your complete attention. The engineers at JMA can focus on the recovery of your data so you are freed to attend to other pressing issues. You can be confident our managed backup services will maintain timely backups to restore your data to its current form safely, quickly, and effectively.


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