Why Every Company Needs a Foolproof Disaster Recovery Plan

What comes to mind when someone says, “disaster”? We imagine natural catastrophic events such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. But unanticipated power outages, hardware failures, cyber thieves and even human error can damage IT infrastructure and expose or destroy valuable data. According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), approximately 25% of businesses fail after suffering a disaster. How much risk are you willing to take? What damage or loss might you encounter?

Power Outage

Whether caused by a catastrophic event or simply an issue limited to your data center, loss of power can contribute to costly network downtime. Depending on the length of the outage, you can lose valuable data. The less frequently you schedule backups, your data loss may prove permanent. If your hardware is not adequately protected, it can suffer damage from surges when power is restored.

System Failure

When discussing hardware failure, the question is not ‘if’ but ‘when.’ The most robust servers will fail at some time, triggering loss of valuable data. Likewise, you must maintain your software by consistently applying updates and maintaining licenses. System downtime is costly and can result in lost business opportunities as well as damage to your brand.

Cyber Thievery

Cyber security has become a thriving industry as hackers employ viruses and ransomware to disrupt networks and hold precious data hostage. The rapid increase in the work-from-home population due to COVID-19 has opened the door for new cyber-criminal activities as employees rely on wireless connectivity and unsecure networks.

User Error

One of the greatest risks to data security is user error. Employees naïve to phishing schemes may click on links or open attachments designed as open doors for malware. The growth in the remote workforce also increases the need to depend on email for communication, offering greater opportunities for hackers to enter your system. Unless individuals remain vigilant and IT professionals can quickly address any breaches, your system and data can be quickly and severely compromised.

While any of these events can occur with little or no warning, a foolproof disaster recovery plan can help you safeguard your organization and ensure you continue serving your customers with minimal interruption. When creating your business continuity plan, ensure it includes an effective disaster recovery plan for your IT infrastructure. Protect your business and your network by consulting IT professionals who can design, implement, and manage a secure, reliable disaster recovery plan tailored to your organization’s needs.