How an MSP Can Protect Your Office from a Data Breach

Over the last decade, cybercrime of all types has been on the rise. Businesses are a particularly appealing target for hackers because their databases store a wealth of valuable data. 

This trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with at least 1,000 significant data breaches occurring annually since 2016. These breaches resulted in tens of millions of customer records being exposed.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to protect your office from a data breach. The most effective approach is to partner with an experienced managed services provider (MSP). 

Below, we’ll outline how an MSP can improve your cybersecurity infrastructure so that you can prevent your business from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

What Is a Data Breach?

Investopedia defines a data breach or malware breach as “unauthorized access and retrieval of sensitive information by an individual, group, or software system.” 

A data breach is often carried out using one of several different types of malicious software. A few examples include trojans, ransomware, and viruses. Hackers can also use phishing to steal a staff member’s credentials and then access a company’s database using that login information.

How an MSP Will Protect Your Business

Due to the nature of the modern economy, collecting consumer data is necessary to carry out core business processes. However, your valued clients expect that you will take the steps necessary to protect their confidential data. 

Partnering with an MSP will help you do just that by performing several tasks, such as:

Updating Your Infrastructure

Outdated infrastructure is one of the most common IT security vulnerabilities that leads to data breaches. An MSP will assess the quality of your current IT resources and update anything that is antiquated or unreliable. 

This may include software, hardware, or any other technology that is due for an upgrade.

Providing Proactive Monitoring

Proactive IT monitoring is an essential part of protecting your network and data. An MSP will guard against malicious cyberattacks by actively monitoring your core systems. If suspicious software is detected, they will take steps to safeguard your data and eliminate the threat.

In addition, they will backup your vital files. If malicious software penetrates your network, they can contain it and destroy it. They can then use these backups to restore any data that is lost as a result of the breach. 

Proactive IT monitoring and regular data backups minimize the chances of your business experiencing a prolonged interruption of services.

Offering Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Information technology is always evolving and becoming more complex. That is why your IT resources require ongoing support and maintenance. An MSP will provide these services to ensure that your system is always functioning optimally. 

Regular software updates will also resolve any potential vulnerabilities that may expose you to a cyberattack.

Improving Your Current Practices

The best MSPs also offer consulting services that are designed to guide your current cybersecurity practices. An MSP can help you improve your employee training program and teach your staff how to protect themselves from cybercrime. They will provide tips on how to identify potential phishing attempts, when to change passwords, and more.

If you would like to learn more about how an MSP can protect your business from a data breach, it is time to connect with JMA Consulting. Our experienced team offers a full suite of managed services, including expert consulting. 

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