Why Managed Backup Services are Crucial to Mitigate Risk

Recently Apple introduced “AirTag,” a means to “keeping track of your stuff.” A survey said an  estimated 61% of current Apple product users plan to buy the new devices. Why? Because we lose things, important things. And when our personal stuff falls into the hands of the wrong people, the results can prove devastating. Unfortunately, businesses lose things, too, valuable things like their network and application services as well as their most prized possessions, their data. Loss happens, but businesses can mitigate the associated risks by contracting with a managed service provider (MSP) for managed backup services.

What kinds of losses does an organization need to mitigate?

Loss due to Cyber Crime

Some loss results from intentional maliciousness from cyber criminals who hold a business’ data for ransom, steal personal identification information (PII), or make a power grab of intellectual property. When bad actors attempt to attack your network, you need to react quickly to plug leaks and have a plan to close the breach and restore secure service.

Loss due to Aging Systems

We joke about our ages in “dog years,” but advances in IT infrastructure and applications seem to run at the speed of light! Unless you have consistently applied new software releases and upgraded your hardware, you could risk loss due to your reliance on antiquated systems.

Loss due to Negligence

Sadly, too many organizations do not anticipate threats to their IT infrastructure, failing to develop and implement secure and tested backup procedures and disaster recovery plans. Poor Help Desk services do not address user issues effectively, opening the door to security issues and allowing inadvertent or unaddressed user errors become larger security problems.  

How can contracting with an MSP help you mitigate these risks?  

Loss happens; limiting the risks takes time and expertise. A well-architected system employing the benefits of virtual infrastructure as well as Cloud-computing can limit loss when designed and monitored by the skilled IT professionals of an MSP. They can also create and manage backup procedures and disaster recovery plans to mitigate your risks. An MSP can provide effective Help Desk services as well as maintain your software applications.

Consider contracting with an MSP who can architect your network for greater security, and when loss does occur, return your network to effective service quickly and effectively.